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Property Management and Acquisitions- Our Promise To Owners

All property management companies are not created equal. Our mission at  Mozambique Consulting Property Management Services is to maximize the income potential for your Assets while minimizing the risks normally associated with rental property. Not only are we responsible for the upkeep and income for your property, we must also keep your private information secure. Whether it's your banking information, social security number (needed for tax purposes), or any other confidential information, we keep it private and safe. Also, we maintain security deposits in their own account and we never utilize security deposits for operating expenses. The movement of your money is controlled by strict internal security procedures. Entrust your property to the professionals. We offer the following professional property management services in Washington DC region to help fit your needs:

Primary Services:

We will personally...

  • Market the property for rent

  • Evaluate tenants application

  • Run credit check

  • Examine income/debt ratio

  • Verify employment and previous rental history

  • Execute lease

  • Initial check-in walk thru

  • Rent collection

  • Deposit rents to owners account

  • Take requests for repairs, dispatch repair company, follow-up, invoice payment

  • Resolve any HOA or neighbor issues with property

  • Take any necessary legal action for non-payment of rent

  • Final check-out and return of security deposit

  • Prep unit for new tenant as needed

We work in DC region with government programs:

.HOC-Housing Opportunity Commission 

.HIP- Housing Initiative Program 

.City of Gaithersburg Section 8 Compliance



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